Roberth Orihuela

Roberth Orihuela is a journalist from the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín de Arequipa. Since 2015 he has worked in publications like Noticias, El Pueblo, Sin Fronteras, Diario Viral, La República,, Semanario Revelación and Convoca. He has been part of the hub of writers since 2021. He’s specialized in investigative reporting, data and

Fairness Moyana

Fairness Moyana is an experienced reporter based in Hwange, Southwestern Zimbabwe. He has previously contributed articles to local news outlets, including The Citizen Bulletin. He is passionate about writing engaging content on environment, climate change, community development, wildlife, health, disability, and gender, among other beats. As a Report for the World Corps member Moyana will

Fahim Afridi

I hailed from the tribal area, formerly known as F/R Peshawar and now as sub-division Peshawar. My early education began in this region, and then I continued my academic journey in Peshawar city. I hold a postgraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (M.A) from the University of Peshawar. With over a decade of experience

Fábio Bispo

Fábio Bispo is an investigative reporter focused on political coverage, public transparency, data journalism and environmental issues. Prior to becoming a Report for the World corps member, Bispo worked in daily journalism in the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina and collaborated as a freelancer for Estadão, Revista Piauí, the Intercept, Congresso em Foco, Folha and


InfoAmazonia is the first media outlet to focus on data journalism to produce stories on socio-environmental issues in the Amazon. The organization publishes content in the nine countries covered by the region in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Since 2012, InfoAmazonia has analyzed data and worked with other outlets to raise awareness about the threats to