Daily Maverick

The Daily Maverick is a South African web and weekly print newspaper that was started in 2009 to combat misinformation through independent journalism focused on public service. It is free to the public, and won the 2019 Global Shining Light Award. The Daily Maverick is run by an independent company and funded through membership, advertising,

Mail & Guardian

The Mail and Guardian is an online and weekly newspaper based in Johannesburg, South Africa. They published their first issue in 1985, and in 1994 were the first organization in South Africa to launch a website. The Mail and Guardian was started out of a need to have an independent press in apartheid era South


Sowetan started as a liberation struggle publication in 1981. It is a print and digital newspaper, Sowetan Live, the digital version, is one of South Africa’s largest online news publications. They cover news, business, entertainment, and culture.