Azeefa Fathima

Azeefa Fathima (she/her) is a journalist based in south India, reporting for The News Minute. Her body of work includes in-depth, longform reports on LGBTQIA+ issues, caste, human rights, health and law. She has produced stories in print, digital and video formats, primarily covering Tamil Nadu and Kerala. She was a fellow with the Health

Bhavani Etikala

Bhavani Etikala is a young journalist interested in covering caste, human rights, and social justice. She has reported from various parts of India including Delhi and Kashmir, and has written in-depth reports about war orphans, disability and marginalized persons. With a background in social work and research, Bhavani is excited to cover caste as a

The News Minute

The News Minute is a digital news platform covering India, with a specific focus on the five southern states of the country. Headquartered in Bengaluru, TNM has ground reporters in all the southern states covering a wide range of issues and events.