Become a Host Newsroom

We help you bring accountability journalism to news holes you’ve long wanted to plug but haven’t had the resources.

How It Works

We interview local journalists together. You make the final selection, and the corps member works for you—not us. We pay half the salary, and we help you raise the local share.

Meet our current partners

We’re currently working with two cohorts of newsrooms for the 2021-2022 service years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our application newsroom cycle is closed now, but we will launch a second cohort later this year. Make sure to sign up to receive program updates from us.

These are the main criteria:

Is there an important need? (Are there under-covered topics, communities or geographic areas?)

What is the beat you’ll create to deploy RFA corps members to help fill your news gap?

Can you provide the local match? (see below)

Do you provide good editing and mentoring?


Other factors include having the following:

  • A way to distribute the content for maximum impact
  • A good plan for assessing success
  • A commitment to trust-building behaviors (transparency of process, transparency of article types)

We have strict funding guidelines that guarantee our program, including our host newsrooms and corps members, will operate with editorial independence and freedom.