Aisha Farrukh

The Centrum Media

Reporter Profile

Aisha Farrukh Saeed, a seasoned multimedia journalist based in Pakistan, boasts over 6 years of professional experience in the field. Presently serving as the Head of the Content Department at The Centrum Media (TCM), Asia’s pioneering video-based, and Pakistan’s foremost digital news network, Aisha brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of digital journalism.

In her prior roles, Aisha served as a data journalist with Media Matter for Democracy, a non-profit organization dedicated to media literacy and development.
Additionally, she contributed as a freelance writer for The Nation. Aisha’s journalistic focus has primarily centered on historical narratives and in-depth news stories that have sparked discussions in Pakistan’s challenging and polarized society.

Aisha is a seasoned journalist with a passion for empowering women through media literacy. With a background in both traditional and digital journalism, Aisha has worked with reputable news organizations, covering a wide range of topics. Recognizing the importance of fostering media skills in underserved communities, especially among Afghan women, she has devoted herself to training programs and recently trained over 30 Afghan journalists, in collaboration with RUSI (Royal United Services Institute). Aisha’s expertise includes multimedia storytelling, social media management, and digital ethics. Through her engaging and inclusive approach, Aisha aims to amplify diverse voices and narratives, equipping women with the tools to share their stories and contribute to a more inclusive media landscape. Her training sessions emphasize not only the technical aspects of digital journalism but also the importance of ethical reporting and maintaining a secure online presence. She is committed to fostering a new generation of female journalists, bridging the gender gap and promoting a more inclusive media landscape.

Aisha’s outstanding contributions have won her story grants from reputable organizations such as the Environmental Justice Network by Internews, GRID-Arendal by the UN Environmental Program, and the Pulitzer Center in the category of Gender Equality. Her dedication and impact in the field have also resulted in her being  honored twice with the prestigious Journalist of the Year award in the category of ‘Impact Journalism.’

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