Fahim Afridi

Tribal News Network

Reporter Profile

I hailed from the tribal area, formerly known as F/R Peshawar and now as sub-division Peshawar. My early education began in this region, and then I continued my academic journey in Peshawar city. I hold a postgraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (M.A) from the University of Peshawar. With over a decade of experience in Urdu journalism, I have contributed significantly to local magazines and newspapers, working as both a sub-editor and reporter. Additionally, I possess almost seven years of experience in the realm of digital journalism, primarily as an online editor.

My expertise extends into the world of broadcasting, where I hosted a current affairs show, amassing over two years of experience in this medium. For nearly a year, I have been an integral part of the TNN English team. One of my notable skills lies in translation, particularly from English to Urdu, and occasionally in the opposite direction. My translation work includes several books and online courses.

Beat: Climate change and environmental policies