Jacqueline Maria da Silva

Agência Mural

Reporter Profile

Jacqueline Maria da Silva is a reporter for Agência Mural and a correspondent for Cidade Ademar, a low-income area in São Paulo’s south zone, since 2021. She graduated in journalism from Nove de Julho University and physiotherapy from São Camilo University Center. She was a volunteer reporter for the websites: ONG LGBT+ do Brasil, Agência de Notícias das Favelas and Associação Assistência sem Fronteiras. She worked as a reporter at the production company Trucão com Pé Na Estrada. For Agência Mural, Jacqueline won 3rd place in the Sebrae Journalism Award in 2022, in the audio category.
This reporter will cover socio-environmental-health issues from the point of view of the people most impacted by violations of their rights: the residents of low-income neighborhoods of Grande Sao Paulo, the largest metropolitan area of South America. Under the editorial section “sobre-viver” (“survive”, but also translated as “about-living”), the reporter will also cover health and food security issues, especially linked to public policies/infrastructures. The coverage will also look for possible solutions, and we hope it will bring a more comprehensive understanding of these complex issues, especially to the residents of those areas.

Beat: Socio Environmental Health