Meri Radinibaravi

Fiji Times

Reporter Profile

I am an investigative reporter with the Fiji Times, a print media in the Fiji Islands.

I joined The Fiji Times in 2022, as an attaché-Editorial team where I was assigned to the News Department. After my three-month attachment period, I was officially a cadet reporter from May and shortly after was promoted to reporter in November of the same year.

I was with the News Department until December, 2023, when I was given an opportunity to move to the Business Department as a business reporter. In early 2023, The Fiji Times started an investigative unit in collaboration with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) – a global network of journalists reporting on organized crime and corruption in member countries.

I was selected as one of three reporters from The Fiji Times to be part of this unit which I am still an active member of.

Working in Fiji’s largest media company, I have been able to acquire writing, photography, video editing skills while also establishing strong networks that have helped me in my reporting for news and business.

With OCCRP, I was able to acquire skills of an investigative reporter.

My journalism beats are hard news, politics, business, financial corruption and human interest stories.

Beat: Investigative reporting