Roberto Deniz

Reporter Profile

Roberto Deniz is a renowned Venezuelan investigative journalist. For years he has investigated and uncovered large cases of corruption in Venezuela with a transnational reach. He has received numerous awards both in his country and in Latin America. Since 2016 he has been part of the Armando.Info team and is currently also a partner of the only Venezuelan media outlet dedicated to investigative journalism and which in 2019 was awarded the María Moors Cabot Award from the Columbia University School of Journalism in New York. In addition to participating in major investigations such as the Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers or the Pandora Papers, coordinated by the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), Roberto Deniz was responsible for revealing the case of Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman accused of being a figurehead for Nicolás Maduro and extradited in 2021 to The United States. Precisely because of this case, Roberto Deniz had to leave Venezuela and since 2018 he has been in exile in Colombia, from where he has continued his work as an investigative journalist at Armando.Info. Since 2019, it has had precautionary protection measures from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

On May 14, the United States public television station (PBS) premiered in its Frontline space the documentary A Dangerous Assignment: Uncovering Corruption in Maduro’s Venezuela, which includes, precisely, the years of investigation into the Alex Saab case.
In addition to being a journalist, Roberto Deniz also has a Bachelor of Arts from the Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB) in Caracas. For years he worked in the economics and business section of the newspaper El Universal, one of the most prestigious newspapers in Venezuela. He has also collaborated with several international media in the coverage of the political and economic crisis in Venezuela. Likewise, he is regularly invited by international organizations and forums to expose cases of corruption in Venezuela.

Beat: Investigative reporting