Cuestión Pública

Cuestión Pública was born in January 2018 to fill the void in offerings of independent investigative journalism in Colombia and to shed light on cases of abuse of power. Our motto is to be the eyes that are vigilant of power on behalf of the everyday citizen, using the strength and depth of counter-power journalism.

We are an independent digital native media outlet founded by three experienced investigative reporters and data journalists, driven by an obsession to unearth the truth on various fronts such as what the powerful seek to hide, maneuvers of banking corporations, backroom deals in public contracting, and the trail of public funds. Additionally, Cuestión Pública focuses on investigating topics of public interest such as health, labor, indigenous and Afro communities, rural conflicts over land tenure, political alliances benefiting private interests, and everything related to Colombia’s post-conflict period.

In our newsroom, we practice as a creed the principles of press freedom and independence, channeling them into the practices of good journalism, innovation, and data journalism so that citizens can make better decisions.

This outlet makes relevant information accessible to the public to keep citizens better informed. We promote open data, digital and technological culture to expose corruption and promote transparency. We innovate to strengthen investigative counter-power journalism.


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