“Alharaca” is an insult directed towards a woman that means she is being over-sensitive and over-emotional about an issue. Alharaca reclaims this, providing strong journalism with a feminist perspective that covers the intersection of journalism, art, academia, and technology. Based in  El Salvador, this women-led digital news platform covers current affairs and how they affect

Puma Podcast

Puma Podcast is a podcast production company based in the Philippines that produces a wide range of shows, from podcasts that delve into topics from health and women’s empowerment, to interviews with prominent members of Filipino society and culture. They were the first organization in Asia to have their podcasts archived in the United States’


IStories is an independent Russian website that specializes in investigative journalism. It was founded in 2020 in response to the Russian government’s increased pressure on media organizations. As a non-profit organization, seeks to foster collaboration between regional and international news organizations. As of March 2022, it is in exile with most journalists operating outside of


The Syrian Investigative Reporting for Accountability Journalism is both a collective of Syrian reporters living in exile and an organization that mentors journalists. SIRAJ is dedicated to preparing Syrian reporters on undertaking investigative journalism both on issues pertaining specifically to Syria as well as globally through workshops and training. They were founded in 2016 and

Causa Natura

Causa Natura is a newsroom that promotes a more sustainable and inclusive world through investigative journalism, data, expert analysis, and openness to plural discussion. We cover  a wide range of topics from oceans, energy transition, protected natural areas, climate change, pollution, and environmental public policies in Mexico and Latin America.


DIVERGENTES is an alternative media, different and focused on narrative journalism, with emphasis on social, political, economic, environmental, LGBTIQ+, gender, indigenous communities and migration investigations. Launched online on June 3, 2020, it bets on long-form journalism to inform and explain the phenomena that affect Nicaragua, scrutinizing public, private, religious and factual powers, to provide citizens


Sowetan started as a liberation struggle publication in 1981. It is a print and digital newspaper, Sowetan Live, the digital version, is one of South Africa’s largest online news publications. They cover news, business, entertainment, and culture.

The Public Source

The Public Source is an independent media organization that seeks to produce strong journalism and critical commentary. It is based in Beirut, and covers both local and international issues. They publish bimonthly, and highlight the work of academics, activists, artists, organizers, as well as journalists. It was started in 2020 originally to publish long-form articles