Zita Szopkó

Zita Szopkó is a Hungarian-based journalist working for Atlatszo, with two years of experience in investigative journalism. She is focused on public transparency, corruption, data journalism, disinformation, and fake news. She holds a master’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. Zita Szopkó is also the editor of the

Aldem Bourscheit

Brazilian Luxembourgian journalist covering for more than two decades stories on Nature Conservation, Science, Environmental Crimes, Traditional and Indigenous Communities. Worked in newspapers, radio stations, federal and state governments, non-governmental organizations and private sector. Post-graduate in Environment, Economy and Society from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences – Flacso (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Specialized also

Nathallia Fonseca

Journalist graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco (Northeast region of Brazil), Nathallia Fonseca has experience in productions for hard and soft news, communication consultancy and audiovisual. In terms of gender research, she won the 41st Vladimir Herzog Prize for her comic book TIRA and the Pacheco Jordão Prize for the documentary “Quase da Família”

Calvin Manika

Calvin Manika is a journalist with five years of practicing experience. He has worked with Al Jazeera, The Continent and The Independent UK. In the past two years he has worked with The Citizen Bulletin part-time reporting on environment, public health, elections, and economic and social justice. Manika joins The Citizen Bulletin as a full

Prajwal Bhat

Prajwal Bhat is a journalist based in India with five years of experience covering stories on human rights and civil liberties. He writes for The News Minute, a leading digital news publication, focusing on stories about the social, political and economic experiences of India’s diverse communities with a particular focus on religious and caste minorities.

Bhavani Etikala

Bhavani Etikala is a young journalist interested in covering caste, human rights, and social justice. She has reported from various parts of India including Delhi and Kashmir, and has written in-depth reports about war orphans, disability and marginalized persons. With a background in social work and research, Bhavani is excited to cover caste as a

Sukanya Shaji

Sukanya is a lawyer-turned-journalist with experience in writing, editing, development communication, and advertising. She holds a graduation in law, a post-graduation in philosophy, and a post-graduate diploma in print journalism. Her journalistic work is deeply focused on gender and intersectionalities, and they appear in Feminism In India, True Copy Think, and The News Minute. She

Gabriela Martínez Córdova

Gabriela Martínez Córdova is a Mexican journalist born in Tijuana, on Mexico ‘s northern border with the United States. She will join the Conexión Migrante newsroom as a RFW Corps Member to address relevant issues such as migration, gender equality or human rights. Gabriela ‘s work has been published in the Mexican newspapers El Universal,

Foundation for Investigative Journalism

The Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that combats injustice, holds power to account and speaks for the voiceless. Founded in June 2020, FIJ seeks to uncover the truth by bypassing officialdom and neutralizing propaganda, and making it accessible to the public in a way that eases and influences their everyday